Cultivating Your Courage Home Study Course

You are in the right place to release your ROAR! Cultivating Your Courage Home Study Course will navigate you through the keys to unlock the most courageous you. It's the lessons Sam learned as she climbed her way back from the most debilitating part of her life's struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after she was in the World Trade Center Tower 1 on 9/11 when American Airlines flight 11 struck it. Sam shares the specifics of her lessons learned. With this home study course you will be able to step confidently into any situation, by following a step-by-step strategic plan which builds your courage and confidence. Check out the video below.

Module 1, Exercise. You will be able to incorporate exercise into your daily recipie. A fit leader is a confident and courageous leader.

Module 2, Belief. You will learn the core habits to increase and build your belief.

Module 3, Take Action. To change something, you've got to do something. You will learn how to brek through every obstacle that stands in your way.

Module 4, Consistency. You will be able to design a daily, consistent schedule for yourself. One that creates more productivity in less time which equal more time to pursue the lifestyle you desire.

Module 5, Perseverence. You will learn what it takes to have quicker recovery time after facing a setback.

Module 6, Fear. You will learn what fear really is and be able to create an action plan designed to identify a situation for what it is, stepping confidently into it and then through it.

Module 7, Courage. You will be able to motivate yourself by learning a few key actions...Ask for what you want, communicate with confidence, and face any difficulty with the confidence and faith that situations will always work out to you benefit.

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