Spring Clean Your Habits


It's Spring. Well at least it is here is Texas. Question...Do you do any kind of Spring cleaning? Your closets, your garage, anything? Have you ever thought about using the time to Spring Clean your habits?

Some of us establish new HABITS with the New Year. As in "As a New Year resolution I will do X."  Whether it's wanting to lose weight, get organized, etc.

It's just about March. How are those resolutions working for you? My hope is that you are one that sticks with your resolutions. Guess what? If you dropped off it's ok. You can always start over...

Yep, you're not eternally screwed by the universe if you fell off the proverbial wagon. Just make the commitment now to start over.


With my law enforcement training we always laid out things in steps. So here you go...

Step 1: Ask yourself - What do I want to do, create, change, learn? Make a list, write it down.

Step 2: Close your eyes and imagine that the thing you wanted to do, create, change, learn, etc. has been done. You're at the finish line! Write down what it looks like, and feels like. All the details... Why? Because when we attach emotion to something we tend to stick with it. It leaves an imprint.

Step3: After looking at what you've accomplished, does it seem easy or hard. If it 's easy then get to it! If it seem hard, what do you need to do to start? Let me write that again. What do you need to do to start? Not finish...A lot of people feel overwhelmed when they try to write down everything they need to accomplish. Then they look at it and say, "Geez, I don;t know how to do any of this, so why start."

I'm asking you to write down the1 thing you need to START.

For example, when I imagined my website being created, (yes, this website) and all of the people it reached I felt blessed beyond belief. I could see all of the systems functioning, people buying my courses, my books. Then when it was time to get to building I realized I had no idea how to create an auto responder. In my vision it worked seemlessly...So I had to learn how to do this. It was my starting point. Everyday, I set aside a specific amount of time to learn the steps, the language which would attract people to buy...Holy heck was there a lot. I made it a HABIT to do this at a specific time each day in my schedule. Guess what? It got done. Now I have a new skill that I learned and I'm more confident that I can take on learning even more. And there was more to learn. Heck, I'm still learning. But I'm able to do it inside a system of steps so it gets easier each time to start.

So let's say you want to lose 20 lbs. If I looked at your calendar, would I see a workout? I hope so. We can imagine how drop dead sexy we'd look, but unfortunately we need to do something to actually remove the weight from our bodies. So what new workout HABIT have you created and where is it on your calendar? Do you need to reach out to a trainer or a friend to start? Everyone's different here. I have many friends who want the accountability of working out with a group. They can push each other further, and they get results. Maybe you are someone like me. We can kick or own assess. I'm not saying one is better than the other. I'm asking you to ask yourself, what works for you, and then go do it. Put it on your calendar.

3 steps is all you need to start your Spring cleaning projects. 

I'd love to hear what your projects are and how you are starting. Please leave your comments below...

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