Finding Faith in The Middle


Spirituality, faith, belief, call it what you will. Sometimes it's not easy. Sometimes we lose our way, we lose our faith. With peaks, come the valleys. What do you do when you find yourself lost in one of these valleys?

First, know that you are not alone. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11 I was wandering, completely lost in a valley called PTSD. Everything that used to be familiar was now strange to me. I found that I could not even have conversations with people because my mind would wander off. I found it difficult to concentrate on anything. While I prayed each morning and evening I felt like my prayers fell on deaf ears. My relationship with my creator waned. I neglected myself and my relationships with people. I let my faith go.

PTSD did not let me go however, and eventually I tried to take my own life. My creator spoke to me that night I held my gun to my head. He spoke to me despite me turning my back on Him. He reminded me that He was always there. I let my faith go in the middle of the hardest struggle I've ever been through. When He spoke to me I was reminded that He did not lose faith in me.

Are you finding it hard to find faith in the middle? Maybe you've been waiting for something to come to fruition. Maybe you've been waiting for a long time. I was reminded the other day when a friend told me that he had waited 15 years to see a dream come true. 15 years! How did he do it? He held on to the belief and his faith that in due season, his dream would be revealed if he took action everyday which moved him closer to that dream. The keys, he had faith in the middle and he took action. His action was one step at a time toward his goals and then one day his dream was realized. How cool is that? 

Does it sound like a familiar story to you? Is there a dream you've held onto for a long time? Do you take daily consistent action on it? 

I know there are a lot of questions I'm throwing at you in this post, but I really want you to think. I want you to write down those dreams. I want you to have faith in the middle. I want you to not give up.

I would love to know how you got through some of your toughest times and held onto your faith in the middle. Your story may be the one someone else is waiting to hear.

Please comment below. 

Thank you

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